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An Ultra'thoner's blog is about my personal experiences training, trail running,  and running ultramarathons. However I also have a professional blog with posts occasionally published as columns in print issues of the medical journal: Endocrine Today.

Most of the time my other blog is about boring doctor stuff, but occasionally my passion for ultrarunning overlaps with my professional interests.

I recently wrote the post "A hunter gatherer's physiology in a modern world" while running the Antelope Island Buffalo Run. It literally popped into my head as I was running. Check it out…

I LOVE it when my personal and professional interests intersect!

Now if only I could put some of my understanding of metabolism, nutrition and physiology to use so I that I won't DNF any more races!

However, knowing and doing are two very different things!

PS Yes, that's me pictured on the front cover. A couple of months ago they interviewed me about a story on the effects of the internet on medicine. Now that issue happens to be the sample cover posted on the website link to renew your subscription.  

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  1. [esto es genial]

    April 22, 2009 at 8:06 am

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