Movie Review: “The Long Run” (2000)

There is no better way to get psyched up for a race than to watch a running movie. This coming weekend I will be doing Strolling Jim 40 miles in Tennessee. It'll just be a training run before my main spring race: Bighorn 50-m in mid-June. My left ITB is still a bit tight after Antelope Island Buffalo 50-m so I'm going to take it easy.

On the advice of an ultrarunning friend, I recently acquired "The Long Run." It is available from ZombieRunner.

The Long Run

This movie is about the Comrades Marathon a 90-k race in South Africa, the largest ultramarathon in the world by number of entrants (12,000+). The movie is about an aging running coach, a Namibian female runner and the complex relationship that develops between them. Although the movie was slow at times, I thoroughly enjoyed footage of the location and 1999 race.

It amazes me the number of runners and large crowds cheering on the Comrades participants. All of the ultras I have ever run in have had at most a couple of hundred runners along with a few dozen volunteers and family members on the sidelines. Though I enjoy the small informal non-commercialized atmosphere of most races I do, a large event like this might be fun to do too.  

Not this year nor the next but someday, I'd like to do Comrades.

Anyone care to join me? 

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One response

  1. Ani

    Oh my. Watching the trailer gave me serious goosebumps.I will be there!!

    April 28, 2009 at 12:41 pm

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