“Dancing the Bear” (2007) – Documentary Review

Below is the trailer for the documentary "Dancing the Bear."  As per their description:

"The ancient tradition of long distance trail running continues in modern times, stripped of its mythology but still potent as a transformative event.

The Bear 100-Mile Endurance Run is the backdrop for the story of two women and their emotional journey through southern Idaho's Bear River Mountain Range. Pushing their bodies to the limit, they strive to accomplish the impossible, to run 100 miles of wild mountain trails in less than 35 hours"

Although it may be on the fringe right now, going long has been a part of human history ever since we first got up on two legs to hunt/gather our food, run away to safety and stay in touch with our neighbors. For many of us, ultrarunning is as much a spiritual endeavor as it is a physical one. There is something primal about running all day and all night through difficult terrain and under impossible conditions.  

This is an inspiring video; another to keep in the library and watch before an important race. For non-running friends and family, this documentary confirms how nuts they already know we are; for ultrarunners, it reminds us of why we do what we do. The DVD is available for $21.95 at my favorite on-line running store: ZombieRunner.

Hmmm….this sounds like a race I might want to attempt someday…. another ultra to add to my wish list.  

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