Father’s Day 2010

Where we live in the Black Hills of western South Dakota, there are trout streams only minutes away.

What better way to spend Father's Day than to spend it fly fishing with your son?

Nathan's fly casting skills have definitely improved. Instead of snapping it like a whip, he is developing more finesse and a lighter touch.

I tried to get a video clip of him fly casting but he was too quick (or I was too slow?)

I tried both dry flies and wet. It's always more fun to catch a trout on a dry fly but unless there's a hatch, wet flies are often more reliable.

Well as you can see, the first catch of the day wasn't much more than a minnow. Still,it was a fish.

 As I released him, I told him to make sure to tell his big brother I was up here waiting for him.

We had a few hits but nothing was hooked. Finally, I caught a rainbow. 

Most of the fish where we were fishing  in the Grace Coolidge Walk-In area of Custer State Park are hatchery raised trout. However, if you know where to go, you can catch wild trout in the Black Hills also.  

Next it was Nathan's turn.


I watched and took photos as he played and landed a fish.

It was a brown trout.


Although we love to eat fresh caught trout, we enjoy catching fish more than we like cleaning them, so most of the time we fish catch and release.

We are very fortunate to live where we do. Many people come here for vacation; we have the privilege of enjoying the mountains, streams and wildlife of the Black Hills only minutes from our cabin.

If you come visit, don't forget to bring your trail/hiking shoes, and make sure to bring your fly rod too!  

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