Still fiddlin’ around…

I still haven’t had time to post my race reports (I have three now I am overdue to write).

I’m still running, still having fun with our new honeybees, still busy with our vegetable garden and vineyard and still brewing beer and mead (honey wine).

Of course I’m still very busy with work…

Oh yes, I’ve started playing my musical instruments more too.

I’d have so much more time to keep up to date on my blogging if only I didn’t have so many other hobbies, er, passions that I enjoy doing.

 So here is a link to me playing the fiddle.

Either click on the photo above or the link to my video here:


One response

  1. Nice to see your photo! Enjoy the music! I wanted to say and also, because of you, I have an appointment next week with a physician who does “advanced Lipids analysis” Hopefully this will help me to udnerstand my cholesterol!

    July 8, 2012 at 5:07 pm

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